About Bansal Fan

ABOUT Bansal Fan

Our Company was established in 1989 as manufacturer of Pedestal fans, Tent fans and Madhani.


प्रिय ग्राहक, कुछ उत्पादक हमारे ब्रांड (बांसल) से मिलते नामो से उत्पादक बना कर बेच रहे है| हमारी कंपनी आई एस ओ से प्रमाणित है| कृपया उत्पाद खरीदने से पहले ट्रेडमार्क नंबर जरूर देखे|

Our objective was simple, to provide superior products, competitive pricing and experienced staff to satisfying our customer.


Dear Customers, some manufacturer are using fake brand (Bansal) of our company. Our company is ISO certified. Please check the trademark number before purchasing the product

Trade Mark: 2170212 for Fan 2170211 for Madhani

Get in Touch with Us

Our manufacturer unit are in Punjab

If you would like to speak to a Bansal Fan staff member or have a general inquiry, please contact us as below. We would like to discuss your need and meet your expectations.

OPP. Nandi Basti,Tapa Road VPO Dhilwan (Dist.Barnala)-148108
Phone: 7696005000
Phone: 98725-06510
Email: info@bansalfan.com

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